Immediate action needed

Immediate action needed

In 2015, Campaign for Liberty supporters like you stood with Senator Rand Paul and forced a temporary expiration of three “PATRIOT” Act provisions.

And in the process, we moved full repeal of the “PATRIOT” Act from the fringe to front and center of the debate over government surveillance! 

Now you and I have an opportunity to build on that success — but we must act fast! 

You see, the House is preparing to vote on legislation to renew Section 702 of the FISA Act as soon asWednesday

This is the first test in 2018 of whether your representative will side with you and the Constitution, or with the surveillance state.

So it’s vital you call your representative at 202-224-3121 right away, and tell them to stand firm against reauthorization of Section 702 — not to renew or replace it with some phony “reform!”  

Section 702 gives federal bureaucrats the power to snoop on any American citizen whose communications (in any way) mention a non-American who is somehow “of interest.” 

So, if you casually mention to a friend that an affected foreign national moved into your neighborhood, you and your friend could be targeted for federal surveillance. 

In fact, the NSA interprets Section 702 to mean they can sweep up communications on virtually anyone if they can claim to connect enough dots

D.C. bureaucrats have abused Section 702 for years and used it as justification for mass surveillance and warrantless wiretapping for years now, yet there are still many in Congress who favor a “clean” reauthorization of Section 702! 

Others favor “reforming” Section 702 to trick pro-liberty Americans into thinking they’re fighting for liberty. 

But the truth is, their reforms will do little — if anything — to stop the abuse of our civil liberties under Section 702. 

So please call your representative at 202-224-3121 right away, and tell them to oppose the reauthorization of Section 702. 

Demand they side with your rights and the Constitution and against those who would trade real liberty for false sense of security. 

The House could vote on reauthorization as soon as Wednesday, so please call today! 

In Liberty,

Nasir Muhammad

New York  Manhattan Business Club

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