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Manhattan Business Club welcome to Dinner with Anatoliy Karpov

Chess Max Academy with Manhattan Business Club are organizing a

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Fortune 500 female CEOs: Growing in number, but still rare /CNN Money

Of the Fortune 500 companies only 32 have female CEOs. This is sizable increase by 11 over 2016. However that is still only 6.4% of all CEOs on the Fortune 500 list.

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Sanctuary city showdown between Trump, Rahm Emanuel / Fox Business

Chicago refuses to comply with the US Federal Immigration policies.The political leadership of the City chooses to obstruct the the lawful immigration system. Comply wit the law or lose the taxpayers dollars!

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Collection of Don Quixote – FOR SALE  

Collection of Don Quixote


Consist of 1,250 Pieces of  Beautiful and Great Art Pieces:
Paintings, Sculptures, Figurines, Statues, Lladro, Capidamonte, Crystal, Tapestries, Ornaments,   CD’s, Videos,  Movies, 250 Books  of Don Quixote, among them  65 in different Languages,
Contact: Albert Askenazi
Cell  (915) 422-6778
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