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Network with business and civic leaders in a landmark building with over 120 years of history!

Friday, December 1st  8:45 – 10:15 AM

20 West 44th (between 5th & 6th)
6th floor
New York City

Register online at $15.00 Members $30.00 Guests

Display tables: $300.00


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Bitcoin – Like Every Asset – Is A Confidence Game

VC Veteran feels that Bitcoin is just another asset class. According to him, Bitcoin is nothing but a confidence gain. What is the true value of this Crypto currency?/ CNBC

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ESPN is the best brand in media: Hearst CEO

Hearst CEO feels that ESPN is the strongest media brand. He comments on the latest purchases and acquisitions the company did recently. In his opinion print media is still going to be around is a few years, even though the digital media is on the rise/ Fox Business

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Will ending net neutrality encourage companies to invest?

FCC announces plans to reverse Obama’s regulation to treat internet like a utility. We want the internet to be governed by the engineers and entrepreneurs, not by the Government officials in Washington. Rolling the neutrality back will actually make the internet faster.  / Fox Buisness

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“Forbes” List of the World’s Highest-Paid Women in Music

Some of the bossiest ladies in the game. The top five include Beyonce, Adele, Taylor Swift, Celine Dine and Jennifer Lopez. / Forbes


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Talia Goldberg: I’m Still Waiting For My Big Break

Talia Goldberg, venture capitalist, talks about the choices she is facing when looking for an investment. The decisions will drive so much value of the return. Goldberg is the youngest VP in Bessemer Venture Partners’ 106 year history. / Forbes

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Tesla Just Threw In A Major Surprise At The Semi Truck Unveiling: A Revamped Roadster

Tesla has just unveiled a semi truck. It can go 0-60 in 5 seconds, power by four all electric Model 3 motors.. The driver’ seat is in the middle, and protected by the armored glass windshield./ CNBC

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Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks at the Tax Foundation

The White House official video

 Business and White House.

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White House Press Briefing

 Business and White House.

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UCLA players thank Trump after release from China

Three UCLA basketball players are now back to the U.S. They thank President Trump for intervening and getting them back safely after they have been arrested in China for shoplifting. They were facing 10 years in jail for the committed crime. / Fox Business thank Trump after release from China

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