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Greater Ne York Chamber Business Networking Breakfast

Open House Networking Breakfast
Please join us at our Open House Networking BreakfastWednesday, August 23rd, 2017
8:45 am – 10:15am
at Greater NY Chamber
20 W. 44th Street, Manhattan, NY
6th floor –Coffee House
Network amongst business and civic leaders in a landmark building with almost 120 years of history


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Manhattan Business Club New York

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Steve Mnuchin: Venezuela’s Illegitimate Election Confirms Maduro Disregards His People | CNBC

Secretary Steve Mnuchin comments on the Venezuela’s Illegitimate Election. President   Maduro Disregards His People. U.S. sanctions him and his regime, and freezes their assets.


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This app wants to be the Uber of Iran

 Uber is not available in Iran due to the U.S. sanctions.

Local startup Snap is seizing the opportunity. Was launched in 2014 and currently has over 120,000 active users.

Speaker Ryan: Republicans agree on tax reform

Speaker Ryan: Republicans agree on tax reform. The border adjustment tax has been taken off the table. Common ground needs to be found to get the tax reform done in 2017. Tax rates need to be lowered for everybody across the board: businesses and families. Tax code needs to be dramatically simplified, and loopholes and specials interests need to be eliminated.

Big tech companies have the momentum to be even larger?

Big tech companies have just come out with their earnings. They keep growing organically and through acquisitions. They have to think big and invest into future growth to keep this pace.

Start-Ups Are ‘Uberfying’ The Private Jet Market | CNBC

Start-Ups Are Introducing the ‘Uber’ Model to the Private Jet Aviation. The purpose is to make the industry more efficient. Corporate travelers and those looking for the convenience of private jets are the target market.

Rolls-Royce unveils new Phantom

Phantom has always been a symbol of greatness. The new Rolls-Royce model raises the standard to even higher level. Exceptional quality and excellence in every single detail!

Pro Football Hall of Fame getting $700M expansion

A massive $700 million expansion to start at the Pro Football Hall. Seven more new names will be inducted. added  of Fame getting $700M expansion. Huge celebration will be taking place in September.

Aston Martin CEO: Petrol-car ban will simply ‘export jobs’

Aston Martin CEO states his company will be the first luxury auto brand to introduce electric vehicles. Banning gas and diesel fueled cars will result in a massive jobs export outside the UK.

Michael Reidbord – The Fashion Tech Consortium and FIT


Connecting the Innovation Economy with Fashion and Commerce
by Michael Reidbord – The Fashion Tech Consortium and FIT

Startups, Innovation & Saving Retail

Meet industry-changing tech companies that are solving the current retail crisis:
triMirror – 3D Virtual Fitting Technology
SIRL – Indoor Digital Mapping and Product Search Technology
Queuehop – No Line Retail Checkout
MyStor-E – Smart Store Display Platform

LOCATION Fashion Institute of Technology
218 West 28th Street
John E. Reeves Great Hall
New York, NY 10001

Michael Reidbord – The Fashion Tech Consortium and FIT
Organizer of Connecting the Innovation Economy with Fashion and Commerce
Organizer Facebook Profile fashiontechco
Manhattan Fashion Magazine – New Technology , Business and New York – news

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