[GDG NYC] Google Next ’17 Extended NYC

[GDG NYC] Google Next ’17 Extended NYC

The Google Cloud Next 2017 is the signature developer event from the Google Cloud team with over 200 sessions planned on topics related to Big Data & Machine Learning, Application Development, Infrastructure & Operations, Mobility & Devices, and Collaboration & Productivity.

April 3, 2017 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM Google Chelsea Market, 2nd floor 75 9th Avenue, New York, NY

AGENDA: Note that the agenda may be updated after March 10 to reflect news/announcements from the Next 17 event.

5:30pm Doors Open

6:00pm  Welcome.

Announcements from GDG NYC Organizers

6:30pm Lightning Talks. 

Community-driven talks around key themes from Next 17. Interested in doing a 5-minute talk or demo? Sign up here: http://bit.ly/cloud-next17-ext-gdgny-CFP

7:00pm Next 17 Keynote: Review / Q&A

We’ll play a section of the Next 17 Keynote and share the highlights (announcements, resources & buzz) from the 3-day conference. If possible, we hope to have a Q&A with Google Cloud Team members.

7:30pm “Machine learning as an API: accessing pre-trained ML models with one API call” 

Speaker: Sara Robinson, Google Cloud Dev Advocate

Abstract: Think your business could make use of Google’s machine learning expertise when it comes to powering and improving your business applications, but do you get stuck on building and training your own custom model? Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers four APIs: Google Cloud Vision API, Cloud Speech API, Cloud Natural Language API, and Cloud Translation API. These APIs access pre-trained machine learning models with a single API call. In this session, we’ll share an overview of each API. Then we’ll dive into code with a live demo.

We are extremely lucky to have Sara join us to do her Cloud Next 17 talk live. Follow her on Twitter (@SRobTweets) for her fantastic series of articles that explore usage of these APIs with real-world data and applications.

8:30pm Survey & Wrap-Up:

While you take the event survey, we’ll review key resources — particularly codelabs and new APIs — that were released at the event. We hope to do a codelab-driven event at a future date.

9:00pm Doors Close.


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