Manhattan Business Club welcome to Dinner with Anatoliy Karpov

Manhattan Business Club welcome to Dinner with Anatoliy Karpov

Chess Max Academy with Manhattan Business Club are organizing a

Dinner Event with  Anatoly Karpov on Wednesday, August 9th at 7:30pm.
The Event will take place at the beautiful King’s Carriage House at 251 East 82nd Street,
and will be open to the first 12 guests.
During the full course dinner with wine and cocktails, Anatoly Karpov will be fielding
questions about best ways to improve in chess, his career and plans for the future, besides
many other topics.
After dinner, we will organize a team blitz match with Karpov and 6 guests
on one team and myself and 6 other guests on the other team, alternating moves.
It will be a fun event, much like a similar event that takes place after each Sinquefeld Cup.
Bring your favorite Karpov books or chess boards and he will gladly autograph them during
the Event.
The price for this Event is $500 per person. 
If you are interested, please RSVP to this email or by text to 917-930-8840.

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