Hersh Patel Project: Hindsight Technology Solutions

Hersh Patel Project: Hindsight Technology Solutions


Hersh Patel

New York, USA | hershe.91@gmail.com | @hershpatel91 | LinkedIn | Website


Bio: Hersh Patel is a technology entrepreneur developing data science tools to improve context and content discovery experiences. He is currently the founder of Hindsight Technology Solutions, a corporation that embodies this exact mission. His technology, Smart-Tagging, is a user friendly, point-of-interest context and content discovery platform to provide readers more information on key terms in an article to allow them to better understand the story and dig deeper on interested topics without having to leave a publications domain. Prior to founding Hindsight, Hersh was an Investment Analyst at Goldman Sachs where he invested in middle market corporations across all industries. Hersh graduated from NYU Stern with degrees in Finance and Economics and attended Flatiron School (a software development bootcamp).

Project: Hindsight Technology Solutions is a data science provider building a better, more engaging content discovery tool providing readers stronger context without having to leave an article.



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