Hisashi Ayuzawa Project: The Sunrise News

Hisashi Ayuzawa Project: The Sunrise News


Hisashi Ayuzawa

Kyoto, Japan | ayuzawa-h@asahi.com | ayuzawa0427@gmail.com

Bio: Hisashi Ayuzawa has been working for The Asahi Shimbun, one of the largest newspaper companies in Japan, since 2001. He is a media director at the Media Business Division in the Osaka Head Office. He started his career as a marketing planner, sales representative, before joining the editorial division and working as a reporter at the Kobe General Bureau. Returning to the advertising division, he became a senior sales executive.


He is a graduate of Osaka City University and holds a master’s degree in urban policy.


His hobby is climbing. His dream is to climb the highest peaks of the seven continents.  He has climbed Mt. Elbrus in Russia and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.


Project: The Sunrise News creates media that blends citizen journalism and the work of major media companies.



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