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Talia Goldberg: I’m Still Waiting For My Big Break

Talia Goldberg, venture capitalist, talks about the choices she is facing when looking for an investment. The decisions will drive so much value of the return. Goldberg is the youngest VP in Bessemer Venture Partners’ 106 year history. / Forbes

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Influencers: The Future of Influencing? | The Business of Influence

It is a lot smaller and more intimate type of following. What sets the micro-influencers apart from the ones with million followers? Is the this the future of the social media influencers?/ Forbes


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This Hand-Held Ultrasound Device Helps Anyone Diagnose Illness

This amazing Hand-Held Ultrasound Device works as a little MRI and allows anyone to diagnose illness. Burreflynetwork’s application allows to look inside the body and help you interpret and understand what you are seeing. With the technologies developing so fast, this will be available to the masses in a very near term./ Forbes

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